About Us

Sxillup is an innovative space where creative mind meets inventiveness. With our best in class assets, proficient workmanship hardware, concentrated educational plan, and imaginative and visionary staff, we manage sprouting specialists in boosting their potential. Our Art and Design classes are not just precise, however give an animating encounter

Life with Sxillup, Chandigarh is very different from other Institutes. With a sprawling 5000 sq ft area including a nice outdoor lounge more than 1200 sq ft, the students have ample space to work, enjoy and discuss and even practice the latest gangnum dance steps, make a nice sketch of a model or just paint their faces with their feelings. Sometimes our faculty impulsively move their classes to this area to work on group assignments or workshops. Our studio  gives the feel of an elite restaurant and the large window overlooking the green swaying trees tend to let you get lost as you look up from work, and then within seconds you are fresh for another bout with your assignment.